30 Years The Oh!


Opening hours

21:00h - 06:00h


Ter Kameren 4
9620 Zottegem

Tickets & entrance

You can buy your presale ticket for 20 EURO here: https://bit.ly/the-oh-tickets

There will be tickets available at the door for 25 EURO.



There are plenty of places nearby to safely park, please respect the items below.

Where to park?

  • Regular parking places on the road (Buke)
  • Industrial area next to Sotto's (Albert Heijn, ...)

It is prohibited (forbidden) to park at

  • Pharmacy Simoens
  • BMW garage
  • Do not block entrances!
  • Do not park on private property!

!! Please respect the neighbourhood, do not shout or vandalize when walking to or from the venue. We will have stewards on the road to safeguard these rules.

Traveling by train

You can travel by train (Station Zottegem). You can take a bus from the station to 'Ter Kameren': click here for more info.

Minimum age

The minimum age is 16 years.


We will be using coupons for drinks. You can buy these coupons at the venue. In order to avoid delays, we ask you to pay as much as possible in cash.

We will not be using the Sotto's cashless card.

Don't drink and drive, have a sober driver or use a cab!


There will be an indoor food stand.

Payment methods

We accept cash payments or debit (Bancontact/Visa/Mastercard) payments. We highly recommend to pay cash to avoid waiting times!

Smoking area

There is an indoor smoking area.

Zero tolerance

  • There is a zero tolerance policy with regard to all types of soft and hard drugs. 
  • There is a zero tolerance policy on violence.
  • Anyone who needs to have certain medication with them can take it with them on presentation of a doctor's certificate.


A good party is always awesome, but... Keep it cool for the neighbors too! This means:

  • Respect the neighbors' sleep (shouting, ...).
  • Do not park in front of a driveway of the neighbors.
  • Do not leave waste on the property of the neighbors nor on the public road.
  • Urinating in public = not done!


We will have a shop during the events and you can buy merchandise at the venue.


Main room

21.00 - 22.00Tranceball
22.00 - 23.00Seb B
23.00 - 00.00Massiv
00.00 - 01.00Pedroh!
01.00 - 01.45W4cko
01.45 - 02.30Pat B
02.30 - 03.15MWAK & MC Chucky
03.15 - 04.00Dark-E
04.00 - 04.45Lethal MG
04.45 - 05.15Teka B
05.15 - 06.00Mark Jr

Second room

21.00 - 22.00X-I-Cution
22.00 - 23.00Stone
23.00 - 00.00DJ Yargo
00.00 - 01.00Binum
01.00 - 01.45Chicago Zone
01.45 - 02.30Jones vs Sjoekoe
02.30 - 03.15Polycarpus
03.15 - 04.00Demoniak
04.00 - 04.45Atomik V
04.45 - 05.30Andres
The Oh! - Subsonic Muzik | Your portal to the harder styles
The Oh! - Subsonic Muzik | Your portal to the harder styles
The Oh! - Subsonic Muzik | Your portal to the harder styles